I’m obsessed about encouraging networking and interaction at events. That is what my roving event magic is specially designed for.

Here’s a really simple thing you can do to get people talking at your wedding.

If you have a website, app or Facebook event page for your wedding – or all three- the couple will of course be the stars.

But why not have a short bio about a few of the close family members and wedding party?

Nothing huge, just a bit about their relationship to the couple and a few interesting facts about them.

You can ask them to provide it or get a few bits of info and write it yourself.

Then come wedding day, everybody knows a few people there. Nobody needs to ask “What relation are you to the couple?” 

And conversation is a breeze. No searching around for a topic to talk about, straight into the conversation. 

“So you’re John? Brother of the bride? You like cricket? Well I used to play cricket”.

And so on.

Such a simple thing to make it an even greater time for your guests.

Better yet you could bring in some roving magic to get your guests really interacting and having a great time.

But more on that another time 🙂


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