The perfect ice-breaker…

Combining close-up magic and interaction to help welcome guests and allow everyone to get to know each other better. These are illusions performed right up close, allowing guests to take with them a memory of the evening they will never forget so that your company’s name is forever at the top of their list when it’s time do business.

If you’ve ever had a friend excitedly share a magic video with you then you’ll know how much magic will get people talking. Now instead of a video, the magic will be right there AT YOUR EVENT!


Your company conference is coming up. You’ve booked the venue and are hoping the event is a great way for all your company to come together, meet each other and network. Also, even though it’s a business event, you’re hoping it is genuinely fun and memorable for your guests. Not just another business meeting they have to attend.

The problem is when everyone arrives at the dinner, nobody really knows each other. There’s an awkwardness as guests have trouble approaching other people in the company they don’t know.

Now imagine if you had something to facilitate networking. To bring everyone together. Pete enters and says hello, then starts to share with them some magic and suddenly everyone is talking and laughing. People from other groups start to walk over to see what is happening. Pete is introducing everybody to each other. Everyone is laughing and interacting. Then when Pete moves on to the next group, everyone is talking about what they have just seen. People who were strangers before are now having a great time together. The mood has gone from slightly awkward and potentialy uncomfortable to a party-atmosphere.

People remember how your event made them feel. And Pete can make your guests feel great!

Traffic delaying the start of the evening? Delays in the kitchen or with tech? Not a problem! Pete is there to fill that time entertaining the guests with his magic. This is the best way to make your programme run smoothly.

Combination packages with the COMEDY AND MAGIC stage show are also available.

The great benefit of Walkaround Close-Up is that it can be added seamlessly to any event. Wherever a group have gathered for a social event,they can be entertained with fun and memorable Close-Up miracles right in front of their eyes.


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