10 Reasons You Should Have a Facebook Event Page


Most conferences have a website loaded with info, registration details and pdf’s. That’s great. But the benefits of a Facebook event page should not be forgotten. Some of these are:

1. People can check in at your event.

2. If your event is public it may show up as a related event.

3.You get access to guest analytics.

4.It’s an easy way for guests to ask questions.

5. Guests get reminders of upcoming events.

6. The page will show a map of the event.

7. The page links to the venue, so guests can easily find information and contact hotels.

8. The page includes a weather forecast for the day.

9. You can easily contact people going and talk people ‘interested’ into it.

10. You can easily post updates to your page.

Facebook has made planning an event so much easier and quicker. A great idea to incorporate it for your conference.


Have hashtags for your conference sessions


So you need a hashtag for your event.

But with several sessions happening at once, why not have additional hashtags for each session. That way when it comes time for the Q and A session, you can save time by giving guests the option of submitting their questions via the session hashtags.

This also allows anyone who doesn’t like to speak in public to contribute.

And to make your Q and A even more fun, be sure to Check out my article on the fantastic Catch Box.


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Keep your conference sessions going


Never let a potentially great question go unasked in your conference session.

Some of the best questions are never asked because sometimes people are self-conscious about speaking in public.

That’s why you should keep the conversation going after the session.

Set up a Facebook discussion group for every session. That way if anybody is reluctant to ask during the session for on anybody thinks of additional points afterwards they can still contribute.

Of course the best solution is to ensure you have a conference environment where every guest is acquainted. And the best way to have that is with interactive roving magic.

But that’s a discussion for another time.


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A simple tip to help networking at your conference


Here’s a very simple tip to make networking at your conference easier.

It’s about the name badges.

For a start, make sure your guests’ names and companies are printed on both sides in case they flip around – that’s an obvious tip.

Make sure its pretty big and bold in contrasting colours. Black on white is always good.

But also, consider printing some contact information for the person on their badge.

Ask guests whether they would like to share their email address or, even better, a Twitter handle.

Every time someone looks at a guest’s name badge, they’ll also see contact info. 

That way, just in case two guests forget to exchange contact information they’ll still know how to keep in touch.


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Keep your guests informed of your conference schedule


Today is a simple tip but it’s so often forgotten.

It’s great to have your conference schedule published in several different places – website, conference app, conference programme etc.

The only problem is, as soon as there is a slight change in schedule all listings have to be updated.

So either be sure guests know which is the official schedule to check on, or be sure to have a list of every place you have your schedule listed that anyone updating the schedule can access.

Of course the great thing about having an event app, is the second a schedule is changed, your guests will get a pop up alert.

Br sure to find info about event apps in my other articles.


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