Get your guests REALLY excited about your speakers with some movie magic!


Show don’t tell.

It’s a cardinal rule in screenwriting and it can definitely boost your conference sessions.

You organised some amazing speakers with an incredible backstory and a long list of achievements.

How best to show this off?

Your speakers are probably not comfortable tooting their own horn but would certainly like the audience to know their credentials.

If you have an exciting emcee they can certainly get the audience enthused for a speaker.

But why not show and not tell with a short and exciting video introduction?

Almost like a teaser trailer for your speakers.

Plenty of video production companies can put these together for you. Just ask your speakers to provide a few photos from their life and maybe video if they have any. They can then be put into an exciting video intro including a powerful, Hollywood-style voiceover listing their achievements.

Then as far as your guests will be concerned, they are not listening to another speaker.

They are listening to a star!


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Why it’s important to bring everyone together at your conference


I was reading an article by a frequent conference attendee who usually ends up having to attend by herself.

It was about how difficult it can be if you are not a natural networker to avoid feeling a bit lonely at a conference with nobody you know.

Well I wish I knew the conferences she has to attend, because this is EXACTLY what my roving magic is for.

Beyond giving guests a memorable experience, it is designed to facilitate networking. To turn strangers into friends.

If I had seen her by herself at a conference dinner, I would have brought her over to a group, made sure everyone had been introduced, then got everyone laughing and interacting with close-up magic.

When I walked away, everyone would have been talking about what they had seen and the experience they had just had.

Then the conversation continues throughout the night and the rest of the conference.

So when planning your next conference or networking event, consider the benefits of roving magic,

Not only will it give your guests an unforgettable experience and magic they will talk about for years when talking about your event, but your guests will also thank you for making their networking easier and more fun than ever!


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Make your conference interactive!


As I have mentioned many times, social media engagement at your event is a must for allowing your guests to interact with your event and boost excitement and numbers for the next event.

But should you choose to focus on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any of the other popular and emerging platforms.

Why not all? And it’s not as much to manage as you might think.

Staging Connections, for example, offers a service call Event Feed. It finds a hashtag to use across all social media platforms and can then display them all on your big screens.

It can also highlight certain words and users to ensure any VIPs or sponsors you want to highlight make the feed.

You can use it to keep your audience excited with giveaways throughout the night and it will also provide you with analytics on the most active users. Another great opportunity for a giveaway to encourage your guests to engage.

It’s no surprise that the most popular TV shows are incorporating a live social media feed in their programs. The days of passively watching a show or event are over.

Get your audience involved in the show!


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When is the next conference session? (how to never hear that question again)

conference screens

So too often the emcee’s announcements are like the safety announcements on a flight. The guests assume they know all the info and it becomes white noise.

Of course next thing you know, everyone is asking the emcee and staff where the bar is and what time the next session starts.

However there is something in every conference room just perfect for reminding everyone of this information – the screens.

As I wrote in the previous article, the final presentation of the session should finish with a bang. So what if instead of the emcee returning to tell the audience about the next session, the presentation ends, the lights go up, the music comes on and then all the information about the next session appears on the screen. Along with any other information the guests need.

The great thing is, now projection is so easy that any updated information on time changes can be easily added.

So take advantage of those big looming screens. The staff will love you for cutting out all the questions they are asked by confused attendees.


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What conferences can learn from theatre


Today I’m writing about what conferences can learn from the world of theatre.

I have worked a lot in both and in a theatre production, everything is designed to keep the correct mood and momentum.

But you don’t need a full rehearsal for your conference presentations.

All you need are some very basic elements of theatre.

For example before a production, music is setting the atmosphere.

The lighting changes as either a voice over introduces the emcee or the emcee walks on stage to applause. Either way the audience knows things are about to begin.

There is music played briefly as each speaker takes the stage.

Most importantly, after the last speaker has finished on a bang, the show ends, normal room lighting is resumed and music plays to bookend each production (more on this in the next article).

All of these elements can be used to make your conference sessions run smoothly and add an element of theatre to the proceedings, therefore increasing your audiences attentiveness.

I’m Pete Booth, thankyou very much! (I walk off, lights come up and music plays).


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Don’t forget this when branding your event


Attaching your brand to your event is extremely important.

But it shouldn’t just stop at putting your logo on invites and decorations.

How about a signature cocktail?

Ask your event planner or catering company about finding a drink that matches the feel of your logo or theme, from the name to the colour scheme.

And then of course check out my article about branded ice.

You read that right.

Your entire event, from the decorations to the drinks to, of course, the entertainment, can be styled specifically to your brand

All you have to do is find the right people.


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