Here are five things to remember for your promotional items at your conference to get the best ROI;

1. Don’t go too cheap.

You want your brand logo in your guests’ houses serving its purpose as long as possible. You want them to be able to wear the shirt, plug in the USB and stare at the water bottle for far into the future. That’s why getting a good quality product will pay for itself in the long run.

2. Make it all like something they would buy.

People are happy to wear brands as long as they look slick. Make your logo on your promotional clothing look like a high end brand item they might purchase at a sports store and they will happily wear it out and promote your brand instead of just sleeping in it.

3. Make it useful.

There are some items people will always need, like USBs and T-Shirts. If you give them one less thing they have to buy anyway, they will happily snap up your items.

4. Research your market.

Different items will be suited for different events. Outdoor gear for a a camping conference is an obvious example. But go one step further when researching your market, which brings us to the last point…

5. Think outside the box.

If everyone is handing out a water bottle at an outdoor show, you want your items to stand out. So try to think of something a bit more obscure your guests would need. Something related to the industry that not everyone else is giving away.

Try to to make your items a talking point when it’s in the your guests’ homes. If they pull out a USB with a logo on, there’s not a lot for their friends and colleagues to wonder about. But if it’s something unusual, they will certainly be asked what it is. And your company and conference will come up.

A great option is an ‘impossible object’. For example, a branded deck of cards inside a bottle that has an opening too small for the deck to fit through is a great promotional item that people will talk about. Contact me if you’d like to know where to find those.

Promotional items are great way to keep your conference guests talking about you. So be sure to nail it.

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