So, too often the emcee’s announcements are like the safety announcements on a flight. The guests assume they know all the info and it becomes white noise. 

Of course next thing you know, everyone is asking the emcee and staff where the bar is and what time the next session starts.

However there is something in every conference room just perfect for reminding everyone of this information – the screens.

As I wrote in the previous article, the final presentation of the session should finish with a bang. So what if instead of the emcee returning to tell the audience about the next session, the presentation ends, the lights go up, the music comes on and then all the information about the next session appears on the screen? Along with any other information the guests need.

The great thing is, now projection is so easy that any updated information on time changes can be easily added.

So take advantage of those big looming screens. The staff will love you for cutting out all the questions they are asked by confused attendees.


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