Today I’m writing about what conferences can learn from the world of theatre.

I have worked a lot in both conferences and theatre productions, and in theatre everything is designed to keep the correct mood and momentum.

But you don’t need a full rehearsal for your conference presentations.

All you need are some very basic elements of theatre.

For example before a production, music is setting the atmosphere.

The lighting changes as either a voice over introduces the emcee or the emcee walks on stage to applause. Either way the audience knows things are about to begin.

There is music played briefly as each speaker takes the stage.

Most importantly, after the last speaker has finished on a bang, the show ends, normal room lighting is resumed and music plays to bookend each production (more on this in the next article).

All of these elements can be used to make your conference sessions run smoothly and add an element of theatre to the proceedings, therefore increasing your audiences attentiveness.

I’m Pete Booth, thankyou very much! (I walk off, lights come up and music plays).


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