As I have mentioned many times, social media engagement at your event is a must for allowing your guests to interact with your event and boost excitement and numbers for the next event.

But should you choose to focus on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any of the other popular and emerging platforms?

Why not all? And it’s not as much to manage as you might think.

Staging Connections, for example, offers a service called Event Feed. It finds a hashtag to use across all social media platforms and can then display them all on your big screens.

It can also highlight certain words and users to ensure any VIPs or sponsors you want to highlight make the feed.

You can use it to keep your audience excited with giveaways throughout the night and it will also provide you with analytics on the most active users. Another great opportunity for a giveaway to encourage your guests to engage.

It’s no surprise that the most popular TV shows are incorporating a live social media feed. The days of passively watching a show or event are over.

Get your audience involved in the show!


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