I’ve explained how important streaming video and pictures are in capturing the excitement of your event. Well it’s time to take your picture and your video to the next level.

Imagine you could get shots of your entire event, overlooking the big crowd that have gathered.

How can you do that? Well it’s very, very easy these days – drone technology.

That’s right, you can actually have a drone hovering above your event live streaming to Facebook and other social media.

It’s incredible technology,and right now it can be utilized to help make your event even more exciting by providing absolutely incredible, amazing and exciting pictures and videos of your

Plus here’s another little extra thing that you can do with a drone. I’ve explained how important Wi-Fi is for your guests. Well suppose the event doesn’t have great Wi-Fi. The venue just doesn’t accommodate it. Well drones can also be used as portable Wi-Fi hubs. I bet you never even thought of that. Something to consider.

Look into it and it will make your event even more exciting and amazing.


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