Let’s imagine that you want someone at your event who’s not available that night. Maybe the CEO just can’t make it into town or a VIP or special guest speaker can’t make it.

So you maybe you think about pre recording a video and playing it on the screen. Maybe you go one step further and actually have the person live streamed.

Well how about you go several steps further than that. How about you have the CEO of your company at your event almost in person – in a 3d hologram.

Sounds crazy right? Well I’m sure you’ve seen the video of 2pac playing to the big stadium full of people as if he was actually there in person. It’s 3d technology and it’s called Musion. And it is available for your event! That’s right, you could have your VIP not on the screen, that’s too bland, that’s too much the same as what every event is doing.

You could have the CEO there in person in some kind of star wars style technology.

It’s the way to take your event to the next level. Everyone will be talking about your CEO and how he appeared at your event in person but in space age 3d technology. So you can check out Musion here.


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