Make your Brisbane event exciting

Here’s how you can make your guests at your event excited before they’ve even reached the main room. From the moment they step through the door they’re keen on your event. So how do you do that? Well it is about sensational themed entrances.

That’s right, you can do this easily with decorations and lots of sets for your entrance and you can get even more creative.

For example there was a mobile phone company recently who had a big tunnel that guests walked through on their way to the main room and on the walls of the tunnel they had spectacular pictures projected that were all taken from that particular brand of phone.

There was an event where they had people slide down a big slide from the car park. Now that’s a fun way to start an event!

There was event run by a golf ball company that had guests walk down a big stretch of tunnel that represented the distance that you can gain by using their golf balls in your golf game.

There’s just so many fun things that you can do.

Of course the simple red carpet goes a long way to making guests feel like VIPs at your event.

You can also hire character actors. One had three judges behind a desk scoring guests as they walked through the entrance.

One event had a big swarm of actors playing paparazzi for snapping pictures as guests walked down the red carpet.

Use your imagination.

Touches like this can make your guests excited to be at your event before they have even entered the main room.

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