As we’ve discussed previously, photographs are such an important part of selling the excitement of your event. Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform. So here’s what you do to make sure you get lots of great photographs.

As people go in, make sure there is a nice backdrop that people can be photographed in front of. Make sure it has your logo all over it. Maybe something fun, something fitting the theme and of course a hashtag.

Now here’s an extra tip that not many people are doing but is a really exciting way to get a lot of great photographs: 3d floor designs.

amazing magic

You probably don’t think about making your floor as exciting as making the walls but it can make for some really awesome photographs.

People love being photographed in front of these big elaborate floor designs that look like they’re actually popping out of the ground.

I guarantee you if you have something as simple as that you’ll have plenty of people snapping pictures and your photos will be all over Instagram, all over the internet and people be talking about your event.

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