Fun Radio Times

Special thanks to Marshall Davis and the crew at 99.7 FM for another great show this week. A couple of years ago I appeared on Marshall’s show to try an experiment. I mailed a clear box to the studio, securely taped and containing a couple of post-it notes and a folded playing card. On the day of the show, the box was opened by Marshall for the first time. The card was one thought of by him only minutes earlier, the first post-it note contained a word he had thought of a few minutes earlier, and the second post-it note contained three headlines from that day’s newspaper – written over a week earlier! The experiment was to see if I could simulate psychic powers using a little devious trickery. As for how it was done? Well I honestly can’t remember ;-)

It was great to return to the studios again to talk magic, comedy, and one of my favourite subjects, James Bond films! Check out Marshall’s show here:




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